Sales Force
In store presence and visibility

Sales Force

Target Italia ensures in store presence and visibility to customer products thanks to sell-out oriented teams.
We select, train and motivate only the best people.
We offer efficient and flexible solutions to our customers, turning fixed into variable costs and ensuring prompt action and ROI.
Process & Reporting
Turning data into business decisions

Process & Reporting

Target Italia offers innovative solutions for gathering data from the field and turning it into useful information to help business decisions, increase efficiency and performance, and to optimize the company's future strategic planning.
About us
Target Italy offers its clients integrated trade marketing and sales skills.

We support our customers in developing their distribution channels by executing key strategic and tactical activities, ensuring measurable returns.

Our mission is to increase our clients’ businesses by integrating brand marketing know-how with technology and extended sales force services.
We aim to link brands and consumers before, during, and after the purchase


Our marketing projects are built on customer needs in order to connect the brand with its target, both consumer and business.
Target Italia mixes strategic marketing skills with accurate execution and measurable results.
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