Job process and reporting

Target Italia offers innovative solutions to collect data on the field and turn this into information vital to make informed business decisions, increase efficiency and productivity, and optimize the strategic planning of the company's future.

Job Process 

We work on customer projects by creating dedicated teams made up of people with different experience and know-hows, working closely with our field personnel in order to plan and monitor carefully every step of the process.

We use the most innovative technologies (hardware and software) in order to collect all relevant qualitative and quantitative data at the point of sale, turning it into information that helps you monitor the distribution channels and drive strategic and tactical go-to-market decisions.

Data collection makes it possible to monitor the performance of a product in real time, the range present in store and on the shelf, the presence of POP material and the execution of promotional activities.

In addition, it makes it easier to evaluate results achieved by the field force and sales promoters, helping to optimise the management of our resources and incentive processes, offering customers the guarantee to always have an efficient and preforming team at their disposal.


Thanks to a consolidated process of managing and processing collected data, we provide our customers with real-time reports which are constantly updated, sourced directly from the point of sale.

The creation of interactive and customised dashboards provides decision-makers with information which is easy to read, immediately available and easily shared within the company.

Our reporting system shares information with the customer using Share Point, dedicated web platforms, or via automated e-mails or newsletters.
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