In store Specialist

The In store Specialist act as real “ambassador” of brands and products with the store staff, guaranteeing a link between brand and retailers.

Target Italia identifies with customers the needs and best solutions, offering a team of In-Store Specialist built on the specific business goals. Together we determine the store panel, the visiting timetable, the size of the area of responsibility of each specialist and the focus activity of the entire team.

In-store Specialists are able to perform many different tasks, based on each customer, retailer and store specific need.
  • Training and motivation

In store specialists are product specialists trained in full co-operation with the client, able to get across key features and benefits to store staff.
Each In-store Specialist periodically calls on a panel of outlets taking care of” "one-to-one” and “one-to-many” training sessions, with the objective of training and motivating the store sales staff.

  • Visual Merchandising

Thanks to in-depth knowledge of the product and brand display guidelines, our In store Specialists will ensure the best presentation to give maximum visual impact to the display for our client products, performing POP management tasks and Display shelf management.

  • Data Collection

The In Store Specialist is in charge of surveying all relevant qualitative and quantitative data from the store, such as competitor pricing, display share and stock availability, in addition to a photographic record of the situation of each store. After every visit, information is immediately shared with the customer via our reporting tool.


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