Sales Advisor

Target Italy offers its customers an outsourced sales team, which acts on the chosen sales Channel in full co-ordination with the company's retail account managers.

A real task force, with the clear objective of optimising sales, ensuring availability of the product at store level, inspiring the store staff, enforcing programmes agreed with promotional or commercial headquarters and guaranteeing a constant information flow about sales performance between retailer and customer.


Ensuring availability

Through a careful stock and sell-out analysis, the Sales Advisor influences the Store Manager re-ordering decisions in accordance to the customer business targets.
He/she also verifies that the range agreed with the retailer head office is correctly stocked on the shelf, ensuring that display guidelines are adhered to and that new product launches are properly focused on.

Maximizing the visibility and knowledge

Target Italia Sales Advisors are the ideal choice to turn the shelf into a proper sales tool.

Thanks to their in-depth product knowledge and the enduring relationship with the point of sale staff, Sale Advisors identify the best display and communication solutions at store level, ensuring their understanding and implementation by the store team.
Sales Advisors get across to the store sales staff all the product key features and selling proposition, supporting them during and after the sales service.

Linking brand and retail

Our Sales Advisors guarantee constant communication between the brand and the retail side, verifying that promotions, pricing guidelines and planned trade agreements are correctly implemented in every store.

Sales Advisor, through daily qualitative and quantitative data reports, ensure the customer’s instant access to useful information in order to define key commercial strategies in the specific sales channel.

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