Target Italy offers its clients integrated trade marketing and sales skills.

We support our customers in developing their distribution channels by executing key strategic and tactical activities, ensuring measurable returns.

Our mission is to increase our clients’ businesses by integrating brand marketing know-how with technology and extended sales force services.

People, processes, partnership. These are the winning factors of all our projects: the people involved, the implemented processes and the integration with our clients..


We believe in our employees’ value and in their ability to affect the purchasing process. We know customer and shopper needs and how to influence them.


We help our customers to choose the best operational and key processes, according to a circular flow: we assist them through objective definition; we execute field marketing and sales support actions and we feed-back precious reports and data collected in-store by our dedicated staff.


We identify ourselves with our customers and work with them as one entity. Listening and understanding their needs, turning them into successful actions maintaining their operational style and approach. We involve and encourage our partners to work with us in our customer projects.

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